Thursday, November 18, 2010

AGT-Warren - Winterfest 2011

If you want to explore Warren before GeoWoodstock and are willing to brave the weather, the fifth annual Winterfest Event will be held January 22nd at Chapman State Park. The Winterfest event has grown every year since the first geomeet was held there. Kinzua Cachers host an Intro to Geocaching session at the Education Center, have a table to meet new cachers, and again this year will have a separate area where cachers can gather and socialize (maybe a yurt?). In addition, there will be event caches around the park to enjoy the great scenery in Chapman. Since this is an AGT event, you can start filling your passport to get the really nice Allegheny GeoTrail coins. As of now, the AGT will still be ending on June 30th. So this is a great opportunity to visit Warren County before GeoWoodstock and start finding AGT caches so you can get a coin or two (or eleven) before the series closes.

If you are traveling to the event and unfamiliar with the area, please approach Chapman State Park from Route 6 and follow the sign from Clarendon. There are other roads that reach Chapman, but they are not maintained in the winter. The Route 6 approach is an all-weather entrance. If you are so inclined, bring your bathing suit to join the locals in a polar bear plunge. Please note, the park requests no dogs at this event. All your Geodogs will have to cheer for Rocky the skijoring dog and his handler Mountain Biker Gal from afar.

It's a great way to have fun with friends and beat a case of cabin fever.

Sunset at Chapman State Park after last year's event.

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