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This post will grow over the next few months and offer caches we remember as our favorites in the region. These will all be single caches in the region, but usually have numerous other caches somewhere nearby.

Added 15 May 2011

Allegheny National Forest - AGT-Forest-Counterfeiter's Den Cache - Forest County Pennsylvania

This is a nice hike in the ANF. The final location is in a nice rocky area. In the spring this is a good place for wildflowers. There are very large groups of clintonia which blossom here.

Added 20 March 2011

Downtown Titusville - Titusville's History Mystery - Crawford County Pennsylvania

Take a walk around historic downtown Titusville. Explore the history and visit a few Waymarks. The cache will take 30-45 minutes to complete on flat terrain.

Oil Creek State Park - Gerard Hiking Trail - Venango County Pennsylvania

Nicest hiking cache in Oil Creek. The total ascent if you take the Gerard Trail is about 550 feet. The round trip will be somewhere between 4 and 5 1/2 miles. The suspension bridge is sturdy but it will bounce with a little help. ;-)

Two Mile Run County Park - 2MR - Venango County Pennsylvania

Super walk at a scenic lake and park. The cache is located at the intersection of two streams which feed the lake. Nice small falls here.

Added 6 March 2011

State Game Lands 24 - Water Your Horse - Forest County Pennsylvania

Fun walk along a nice trail. The five terrain rating comes from water. You can kayak in or be prepared to get wet crossing the water. It's a peaceful place to be.

Oil Creek State Park - Benninghoff Ridge View - Venango County Pennsylvania

Tough climb on a good trail to a nice overlook near the cache. You'll walk through some recreated wooden derricks on the way. If you keep your eyes open, there are lots of signs of the old oil industry along the trail. There is a bench near the cache site to rest and enjoy the woods.

Allegheny National Forest - Bigfoot's Lair - Warren County Pennsylvania

Easy walk for the first part with some tricky rocks to navigate at the end. This is a very well hidden ammo can. Plan for a bit of a hunt. There are great rocks within site of ground zero. Beware of a possible Bigfoot sighting!

Elk State Forest - Dobby's Home - Cameron County Pennsylvania

Super rock structures, a nice overlook near the cache, and a great hike make this 2001 cache a favorite of many finders.

Added 22 February 2011

Private Property - Auto Art - Erie County Pennsylvania

This is a fun virtual that everyone can do. It is near the highest cache density in the area.

Added 18 February 2011

Youngsville Cemetery - In memory of our soilders & sailors # 16 - Warren County Pennsylvania

The cache is simple, but it brings you to a nice veterans memorial with one of the better views near Youngsville. While at the memorial, you are about 200 feet from the grave of the founder of Youngsville. The cemetery is sunrise to sunset, but the sky is great to see as the sun falls.

Neanderthal Cache--The Big Easy. - Chautauqua County New York

There are three caches in this series with a fourth across the road for when you return. These are super caches and earn their ratings. Go prepared for a strenuous hike. It is important you know how to read your gps' topo maps in this area. Set aside 3 hours if you want to do these.

ANF - Hector's Spring Version 2 - McKean County Pennsylvania

This will be about two miles round trip. The Falls are worth the visit. The terrain is easy until you reach the falls. Hector Falls (earthcache) is nearby.

Tanbark Trail - AGT-Warren-THE TANBARK ROCKS!!! - Warren County Pennsylvania

If you are just going for this cache, park at Hearts Content Road. The walk is about 1 1/2 miles round-trip through the rockiest terrain found on the Tanbark. On the way to the cache, you will also pass Tanbark Canyon II.

Logan Falls - Logan Falls Cache - Forest County Pennsylvania

The walk to Logan Falls is a half-mile round-trip. Your journey takes you through quiet woods and ends at beautiful waterfall. The trail can be wet and the footing slippery, but the terrain is closer to a 3 than 4 rating it has. On the way to the cache, you will also pass AGT-Forest-Logan Falls.

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