Monday, February 14, 2011

Dylan Trail Series

The Dylan Trail is a series of eleven caches along a 5 1/2 mile hike extending from Hearts Content Road in the south to a State Game Lands near Chapman State Park. The trail is a rolling trail with wetlands wildflowers and nice caching adventures. The photos in this blog were taken in May 2009 so your sights will be at a trail later in the season. If you partner gomobiles, the trail can be done in a one-way hike; otherwise, your hike will be a full eleven miles. This trail can be completed on a bike. Thanks to Lonewolf for the linked bookmark list.

While in the area, the Chapman Cache is near the north parking location. If you continue northeast from the last cache, you can enter Chapman State Park from the gamelands and find Ostrya, which is a part of the DCNR's Legacy of Conservation series. Thanks ratjam for the public bookmark list.

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