Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Bird Event in Corry

The first published early bird event will be held in Corry on June 29th and will be hosted by TEAM NAB. The event is being held at a popular local restaurant. The restaurant is 17 miles from the fairgrounds and GeoWoodstock. It would be a great place to meet old friends and make new friends.

Corry is an interesting small town with lots of history. The town was home to the Climax Locomotive which was built for about 50 years starting in the 1870's. The locomotive served the logging industry. On the west side of Corry, you can visit the state's oldest operating fish hatchery. Since 1876, the Corry Fish Hatchery has been ensuring the health and continued success of Pennsylvania's trout streams.

There are about 30 caches in Corry and almost 80 caches within 5 miles of the event. So you can busy yourself with some local hides before the event or head out for some evening caching after the event. Across the street from the restaurant you can find historic Pine Grove Cemetery with some interesting stones and a couple caches. To the south Corry's Mead Park hosts a couple caches including the well done Mead Park Tour. A few miles to the northwest, State Game Lands 154 hosts nine caches including a couple puzzle caches. There are five caches on the Corry Junction Greenway Trail heading north from town. To the east, the CFF series is an eight-cache series placed by the caching team Sisters4 on their family's property. The series offers some challenging hides in a very nice stretch of woods. While you are there, you can enjoy some great views of the surrounding areas.

Caching the CFF Series

Sunset at SGL154

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