Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time's Getting Short

Today marks the first deadline for registration to GeoWoodstock IX. After today, registration prices increase. You don't have to register to attend, but most people will want to register. Depending on your registration level, registration gives you many benefits including:

access to the official GeoWoodstock IX website, event information, and the forums.

a GeoWoodstock IX name tag.

a chance to share a meal with your fellow geocachers.

access to an on-line store to order all the great GWS IX merchandise.

a GWS IX GeoCoin (the only way to get one is through registration packages).

Even better, if you register before the end of today, you can save five dollars of the cost to register. What can $5 buy? Hmmmmm... how about:

a really cool, custom-designed GeoWoodstock cachekinz.

enough gas to find the 100 caches nearest GeoWoodstock IX.

water and snacks for the trail.

swag for trading.

Don't fret if you read this at your workplace on Monday. Everyone can still register on the official website through June 1st, but you will need to find gas money for those nearest 100 caches. ;-)

Will attends on the website still remain strong. We now have over 2,000 geocaching accounts with posted will attends. If you haven't made a decision yet about attending, we hope you decide to come and play in our woods at the largest GeoWoodstock to date.

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