Sunday, June 26, 2011

News - June 25th

Hopefully the rain and chilly weather arrived early so we can all enjoy a super GeoWoodstock weekend. Today it was in the low 60's with rain and downpours most of the day. That didn't stop us from heading out for more cache maintenance and some new hides.

We started off at Ammo Cans and Duct Tape. The store is fully stocked with ammo cans for geocachers needs and should have camo duct tape in stock by GWS. They also stock Badge Magic. This is a great adhesive to repair the pesky Garmin Etrex rubber band, so if anyone has a Garmin Etrex in need of a re-attached rubber band they can help.

We placed caches in State Game Lands 86 which is a very large gamelands located between Davy Hill Road and Dunns Eddy Road. The game lands road is a pleasant walk with eight caches spread over a little over a mile. It offers views of the two biggest chestnut trees we have seen, lots of blueberries for picking, and a small old historic cemetery.

Ox-eye daisies are in bloom

There are still some mountain laurel blossoms in the Kinzua area

After enjoying some fresh wild blueberries we made our way over to Dunns Eddy Road to continue cache maintenance. The rain had finally stopped and the Allegheny River looked great.

We have started a bookmark list for a loop leaving the fairgrounds, traveling southeast on Davy Hill Road, driving north on Dunns Eddy Road, and returning to the Fairgrounds on Route 6. The bookmark list is incomplete, but will be filled in over the next few days.

We're off to Get Walking Some (GWS) in McKean County!, the first GWS related event. Look for pictures here soon!

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