Thursday, June 30, 2011

News - June 29th - Early Bird Event

Before heading to this evening's event a number of volunteers gathered at the fairgrounds to continue preparing for this weekend. Chris K in Geauga, MountainBikerGal, and skeetsurfer are working with the team preparing bags for Saturday's attendees.

TEAM NAB hosted a super event in Corry. By my unoffical count there were about 120 attendees at the event from 21 states. People were having a great time saying hello and enjoying a good meal. The restaurant staff was friendly and helpful and did a super job handling the large number of cachers.

Nashville Joe

Tprints and MommyTP relax and chat after dinner

I really enjoyed meeting LovOrca & Tartanite

It's easy to picture Snoop (Goldsnoop-PA) out panning for gold or on some caching adventure in that great hat.

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