Monday, July 4, 2011

GeoWoodstock - The Morning

It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoGPS says hello to the morning crowd in the horse show arena.

Wes of kcepenn kicks of GWS IX.

It was great to see Cindy the Cinderblock make her third visit to Warren County. She appears to have given up her blond do and sunglasses.

Pinning your home on the map is a great mega past time. There were a lot of pins used today.

The Haywood Hornet came all they way from the UK to enjoy the festivities. He's here with Ladybug watching the attendees trying to decide where to sign the log.

The "log" for this year's event was a long plank being held by two carved bears. Wes came up with this bit of genius for a most appropriate log.

Chris K in Geauga adds his name to the log.

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