Friday, June 3, 2011

Clearfield County Geotrail CCGT

The Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority has just started the first version of the Clearfield County Geotrail. I really like visiting old cemeteries to see the history of an area so this will be a fun trail for us. This year's edition of the CCGT gives cachers a chance to find caches in 30 historical cemeteries in Clearfield. If you find 25, you will be eligible for a coin. I don't know if the coin is trackable, but it is attractive.

This year's coin is dedicated to a former geocacher George1 who passed away last year. George was a super guy and provided us many memories with his great cache locations.

There are seven locations in Clearfield offering the passport for pick-up or the County will mail it to your home. I had the opportunity to see a passport at an event last weekend. It was very nicely done. If you are looking for an adventure with some history (and maybe a little Waymarking), you should have a great time in Clearfield.

The image below is from Bradford Church Cemetery which is not represented in the CCGT. If you are hunting this nice series, the image is from the I 80 Cache which is located in Clearfield County near Mineral Springs.

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