Friday, June 3, 2011

Traffic Update: Bridge Replacement Route 6 west of Corry

If you are traveling east in Route 6 to GeoWoodstock or traveling west on Route 6 for some super Erie County (PA) caching, please note a bridge is being replaced just west of Corry and east of Union City. There is a short detour which takes drivers south of Route 6. The detour is short, but is not filled with caches.

If you are adventuresome, you can cache to the north of Route 6 and avoid the detour. There are a eight caches in State Gamelands #102 so a northern detour would provide some geocaching adventure. Either way, don't let the detour prevent you from making a stop at Union City Reservoir. The detour returns you to Route 6 very close to the Union City Reservoir. This quiet fishing area is home to eight caches.

Union City Reservoir

SGL 102

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