Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waymarking Near GeoWoodstock.

Of the 325,000 posted Waymarks, 500 of them are within 34 miles of GeoWoodstock. GWS attendees who also enjoy Waymarking will find some great opportunities to visit these Wayamarks, find three Waymarking Challenges geocaches, complete a waymarking Scavenger Hunt, and maybe post a few new Waymarks for us to visit.

Flat iron waymark in Warren.

The Three Waymarking challenge caches include:

The Warren Waymarking Challenge. To complete the Warren Waymarking Challenge, you will need to join the Warren Pennsylvania Scavenger Hunt and visit 15 of the 25 Waymarks listed in the Scavenger Hunt.

The Waymarking Bingo Challenge. To complete the Waymarking Bingo Challenge cachers need a category bingo of five in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

The Fun With Waymarks - 50 Visits CHALLENGE. This is the most straightforward challenge of all. Log 50 Waymarks and you have completed the challenge required to find the cache.

The lighthouse at Barcelona, New York was the first gas-powered lighthouse in the world.

If you're not from the area or from the US, you may be able to visit or post a few Waymarks to help you fill in your Waymarking category grid. Some of the categories which may be new opportunities for you include:

Pennsylvania Historical Markers.

New York Historical Markers

American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves. There are 66 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Warren County and many more in surrounding counties.

Grange Halls.

Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC was very active in the Allegheny National Forest.

Odd Fellow Lodges.

American Guide Series

George Washington. Before serving his country in the Revolutionary War, George Washington served as a representative of the governor of Virginia. He traveled the area to negotiate with the French colonists who had settled at Fort Leboeuf near Waterford, Pennsylvania.

Whispering Giant Sculptures Peter Wolf Toth created 70 of these wooden sculptures for display. The number of these sculptures still available to visit has decreased to 65. There is one in very good condition in Dunkirk, New York.

There's much to see and do while in the area. Waymarking can be another fun activity as you travel in the area.

The Pomona Grange can be visited while on the fairgrounds attending GWS. Grange members will be opening their grange hall and kitchen to provide meals for GWS attendees and campers.

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