Friday, July 1, 2011

News - July 1st - Three Events = Lots of Fun

Our day started with a visit to Richards and a breakfast event. Richards is no stranger to geocaching events, but today's was huge.

Our Event Hostess's

Signing The Log

gof stacks the deck in his favor by bringing his own rotating satellite in case he needs a better signal. The big question was 'will your feet get wet from dew if you wear dancing bear slippers to the buffet tent?"

The buffet tent

Geo-Sarge with some road-side discoveries

After we left the event, it was time to stop at the fairgrounds to lend a bit of a hand before heading to the GeoWoodstock Express. This was my third time to the fairground to give time as a volunteer and Ladybug's six day volunteering at the site. There were lots of last minute preparations going on and many campers and early arrivers relaxing at the site.

We made a dash from the Fairgrounds to Oil Creek State Park to greet the train riders at Petroleum Centre Station.

Coming Round the Last Bend

After having dinner with a group of friends, we were on our way back to the fairgrounds for the evening. The registration line was super long, but moved quickly.

The line for registration convinced us to walk over to the event site to sign the log. The "log" for the event was a teepee. This area had also drawn quite a crowd.

Geocachers take their logs seriously.

Sammydogs were having a great time

Our timing was perfect. We got to the registration area as the line grew short. We had a fun time in line helping cachers who had already registered fill in blanks for their GeoWoodstock Bingo. Since we've been around for a while, our caching name could be used to fill in about a third of any blanks on the card.

Time to close out this post and get ready for the big day. I hope to see everyone at GeoWoodstock tomorrow. Cache hard and be safe!

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