Friday, July 1, 2011

News - June 30th - A Few Notes

Geocaching at Night

Caching is permitted 24/7 in the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) and State Game Lands (SGL).

Please do not cache in cemeteries at night.

Cell Phones While Driving

Youngsville is a hands-free community. Borough Police are able to stop and ticket you if you are observed using the phone without hands-free operation.

New York is a hands-free state. They will issue a ticket.

Wild Animals

There are bear in these counties. They will generally avoid you. You should do the same and try to avoid them.
Don’t leave things with a scent in caches, including scented candles and air fresheners as well as food, of course.
Don’t get between cubs and their mother.
Talk when you are on the trail. The bear doesn’t want to meet you either. It will avoid you if it knows you are there.
If you are camping in the ANF, make certain your food is properly stored. Don’t keep it in your tent.

There are timber rattlesnakes in Warren County and surrounding counties. There are a number of dens in Warren County. Be cautious and use a hiking stick to poke if you are uncertain.

Take precautions to prevent tick bites. Check yourself for tick bites after hiking through any areas with unmowed grass or any brushy areas.

General Notes

Camping and fires are not permitted in State Game Lands.
There is a hospital in each of the following towns: Warren, Corry, Bradford, Kane, Jamestown, Clarion.
Warren County uses a central 911 system for emergencies.
There is poison ivy in some locations. Learn how to identify poison ivy by its three leaves and remember that it can appear as a ground vine, a vine in trees, and growing up from the ground like a small bush.

There is a Topps Grocery Store in Youngsville. It is open till 10pm.
There is a Bi-Lo Grocery Store in Warren. It is open 24 hours.

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